Second Half of 2018 - One Image Per Session

2018 was one for the books! I can confidently say that I have never been busier in my life; business was good and three kids felt like what I used to imagine 10 kids would feel like. Mix in the consistent babysitter struggle with a side of preschool volunteer commitments and you’ve got crickets on the blog front. But, here I am again, breathing slower, with a catch up blog post for you to enjoy (thanks to my new reliable babysitter!). My January calendar includes a few newborns scattered here and there, Disney photos of the preschoolers, and a lot of work/life balance (fingers crossed). Maybe I’ll even come up with a “word/phrase for the year.” Current contenders: simplify, self-care, learn to say “no”, & choose sleep. Suggestions welcome.

Below is one photo from each session/wedding since July. Perhaps the next post will cover the first half.

Baby Riley

I have never in my days seen a baby smile so many times in such a short period. Riley is so so sweet. Thank you mama Carrie for having me!


Baby Elliot

I have about 100 posts to catch up on, but in the meantime… here's my Elliot project so far.

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