Family Session FAQ


What can I expect during our family session?


Our session will be mostly playing games and having fun. There will likely be a healthy dose of Simon Says, tickle fights, running, and quiet snuggles. I have three boys 6 and under, so I know what it's like to have to wrangle kids and make them listen for an extended period (not fun!), so we will sprinkle in rest periods and moments for them to relax and be off the hook. At the end of the whole thing, I want you to have images that represent your family and the personalities of all the members. We will take photos of everyone together and we will split apart into smaller groups. This way you will have a nice variety of images and everyone will get time to chill. I will always do my best to capture at least one image where everyone is looking at the camera, but after that, I switch into "lifestyle mode" and do my thang. My overarching goal with family photography is to capture the bond, the tiny moments of closeness that are unique to a family. 


Ok sure, but WHERE?


My favorite place to photograph families is at their home. This is where the kids are most comfortable and where we are able to get photos of genuine moments in their natural habitat, accurately representing this fleeting moment in their childhood. At home, breaks are easy, snacks are accessible, and you don't have to load everyone into the car and hope kid #2 doesn't get carsick on the way and barf all over his nice shirt (no? just me?).

That said, some people hate their house, or their house is under construction, or we did photos at home last time, or its super dark because we live in the "City of Trees" and its shaded on all sides. I get it. My kitchen is straight out of 1950 and my sink, tile grout, and range are brown. BROWN. As soon as we get a new kitchen, you better believe we are getting photos taken at home, but until then, I will opt for outdoor sessions.

If you want photos on location, let's talk about it. I have some favorite spots around, but am open to new ideas. Some locations require a permit and a fee - this fee will be wrapped up into your session fee.

Oh, I forgot to mention... my FAVORITE place to photograph is the beach. So, let's go.



Got it... but WHEN?

Well, that depends a little. The best light for outdoor photos starts about an hour before sunset. So, if you want outdoor photos with the best light, we start about an hour and a half before sunset. This is why winter photos are AWESOME because the sun goes down so early and the kids are still awake! If your kids are little and totally lose it by 4PM, then we can schedule an early morning session, right after sunrise. Yes, I'm serious. Photos in the middle of day just don't turn out well... unless we are inside at home! Chalk up another point for in home sessions. 

Also- most sessions happen on the weekends. I understand that people have school and jobs to work around so I do photos on the weekends (and weekday evenings in the summer). 

WHAT am I supposed to wear?


Whatever you are comfortable in! Photos look best when everyone is coordinating in a color scheme, but not matching exactly (in my opinion). 

I have a service available for my clients that assists in outfit choices. It’s an easy to use website, where you pick a color pairing or two, provide your sizes and genders, select your preferred style (classic, bohemian, etc.), and voila! linked items to view and/or purchase are available immediately (I do not get any $$ from this website, for the record).