I love donuts. And not in a nonchalant, casual way, but in a "The one thing I would bring to a desert island," kind of way. I convinced my son, on multiple occasions, to make donuts his reward for completing his sticker chart so that we could all partake. That's the kind of mom I am and I'm only minimally ashamed.

I love the four boys in my life. I have a kind, selfless husband, and together we have three little men who are best friends and very different. Our oldest (6) chooses the library over all other places and, not surprisingly, enjoys reading. The middle one (4) carries a full sized basketball with him where ever he goes and chooses to run instead of walk about 95% of the time. They wrestle like bear cubs and sleep best when sharing a bed. The smiliest baby in the world is already 1 and a half and he gives tight neck squeezes and wet open mouth smooches. He is our wildcard and is adored by his big brothers. 

I went to UCSB (GAUCHO FOR LIFE!) and majored in biology with the hope that I would fit in with my science-minded family. I worked in cancer research following graduation, but after a couple of years I decided that lab life was not for me. I went back to school for digital photography and launched Lee Brown Photography in 2012, after the birth of my first child.

I love what I do and I have to say this job has pretty much been a dream. It allows me to pursue my creative talents, while also allowing me to be the hands-on mom I want to be for my kids. It’s also a really great excuse to have a babysitter on Thursday mornings and work from Starbucks!

My goal with photography is to capture you and your loved ones in a positive, flattering way that truly reflects everyone’s personality. My favorite photographs are candid shots that capture everyone in their natural element. 



Thank you for visiting my website and for considering Lee Brown Photography for your photography needs! I would love to work with you.